About Us

About Us

Liberty Drawn Tubes are the UK's only manufacturer of precision cold drawn seamless (CDS) and cold drawn welded tube. The business was formed from the merger of three well established Cold Drawing Operations, each with their distinct expertise and markets. Phoenix Steel Tubes was known as the market leader in drawn tubes for the Automotive Industry, Durham Tubes manufactured drawn tubes particularly for Boiler and Pressure applications, while Newman Tipper Tubes was a supplier to both the Automotive Rubber to Metal bush market and general engineering sectors.

Today the company, located in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, produces a range of quality assured tubes that can further be manipulated in-house to deliver customer specific solutions.

Liberty Drawn Tubes are a major supplier of mechanical and pressure tubes to the automotive and petrochemical industries. The business manufactures tube for a variety of components and uses, many of which are quality and safety critical. While the full range of other tube applications is too extensive to list, it includes sectors such as construction, leisure, domestic appliances, medical equipment and general engineering.

Liberty Drawn Tubes facilities are equipped with twelve drawbenches, capable of manufacturing 3,500 meters of tube per hour. Feeding these are two bright annealing heat treatment furnaces and full wet process operations. Additional finishing services available to customers are cutting, chamfer, bulge, thread and manipulate to close dimensional accuracy. Liberty Drawn Tubes also offers heat treatment, pickling and oiling as a subcontracted service.

The business holds a number of internationally recognised accreditations including ISO 9001, TUV, Lloyds UK and MoD.