General Application Drawn Tubes

General Application Drawn Tubes

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Liberty Drawn Tubes manufactures a wide range of precision steel tubes to bespoke dimensional specifications. These can be supplied both from seamless and welded raw material stock, and find applications in many industries including construction, power generation, automotive, petrochemical, Liberty Drawn Tubes can also supply its tube products in a variety of finished conditions such as:

  • Drawn hard
  • Soft drawn
  • Heat treated dependant upon the final application. 

This allows mechanical properties to be developed through both cold drawing and or subsequent heat treatment. In addition, outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness can be specified to suit an exact customer application. 

Tube can also be supplied with oil protection or be treated prior to despatch to make them suitable for plating or painting. Short precision cut pieces or lengths of up to 15.0mts may be specified.