Heat Exchanger Tubes and Boiler Tube | Pressure Tubing

Heat Exchanger Tubes and Boiler Tube | Pressure Tubing

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Heat exchangers & boiler tubes

Liberty Drawn Tubes are the UK market leading manufacturers and suppliers of heat exchanger, boiler tubes and pressure tubes. The business specialises in high quality carbon and low alloy mild steel tubing specifically produced for heat exchangers, boilers, petrochemicals, refineries, general plant and other pressure tube applications. As the only manufacturer of seamless and welded tubes in the United Kingdom, Liberty Drawn Tubes uses only European origin certified raw materials in order to guarantee the highest quality of its products. These are also backed by the relevant ISO 9001, Lloyds Register and TUV approvals.

With a robust and proven manufacturing processes, the company has the capability of manufacturing lenghts of up to 17.0 meters, suitable for installation or downstream processes, such as finning or U bending. The company has a solid reputation in supplying drawn steel tube for the domestic and worldwide markets, and can also offer a number of additional tube manipulation services (for further details see our Sub-Contract Services page).

Typical applications

Most of our tube products are used in the processes of heating, re-heating and cooling of air, gasses or fluids in the petrochemical, power generation, oil and gas and other industries.

Customised products

Liberty Drawn Tubes has extensive technical knowledge and the capability to develop products in partnership with its customers. The business is able to deal with orders of various tubing sizes and prides itself in the ability to manufacture bespoke solutions quickly and to a high standard.

Vacuum degassed tubes 

We can also produce tubing using Vacuum degassed material. This removes unwanted impurities and other trace elements to provide a cleaner tube.